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• 2 Tickets to the show of your choice.


• 1 Zach Myers PRS signature guitar. (in your finish of choice) 


• 1 Zach's very own USA Custom HANDMADE Premium

leather guitar strap (w/ USA FLAG patch) only made for Zach.


• 1 Custom set of SIT "ZM" Signature Strings



• Meet and Greet with Zach.


• Photo opportunity with You, Zach, and the Guitar


• Zach's Setlist from your show!

I'm still such a fan of music .... I feel like I'm the biggest fan of music ... So many artist I would do this with if it was available .... Some of them most people have never even heard of ... I'm not Joe Perry ... Or Jimmy Page or even Paul Stanley .. But when I was a kid if people did this I would have jumped at the chance in a heartbeat ... This is something I had been wanting to do for a while but was waiting for the right moment to do it .... Once my friend Nikki Sixx started doing this he told me how amazing his experiences were meeting fans and getting to chat about guitars and gear with them ..... After being asked countless times to do it and trying to find the right way to make the experience amazing for both of us .... I'm so glad that this is something I am able to finally do!

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